EPISD students may be going attending virtual classes from the first day of school up until October, but they still have a responsibility to provide lunch and breakfast for those students that qualify for free or reduced meals and for families that wish to purchase school lunch for their children.  With that in mind, they have laid out their procedures and guidelines so that families can drive by and pick up their children’s meals.

Similar to the summer meal distribution program, lunch and next day breakfast can be picked up at EPISD campuses beginning on August 17.  However, now that school will be officially in session, it is required that parents go through a one-time verification process at their child’s schools from August 17 through August 19.  Part of that verification process requires that school officials confirm student is enrolled in school before providing that family with a meal card for the student to ease the process going forward.

Unlike the summer meal program, federal regulations do require that meals be picked up at the school the student is enrolled in.  If a family where to have children attending multiple EPISD campuses, they would need to go to each of those schools to pick up meals for their kids.  Lunch and next day breakfast will be distributed between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. from Monday through Friday.

If you have questions regarding the meal pickup verification process for your EPISD child, please contact their campus for assistance.

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