If you are a parent in the El Paso Independent School District and you get your child's school lunches at Bonham, Lundy, or Lamar, you will have to find a new school campus to get your child's school meals.

Officials with EPISD said that they were seeing a low participation from parents for meals being distributed at Bonham, Lundy, and Lamar so they made the choice to save money and close those three campus meal distribution sites. In addition to saving money district officials said they were able to redistribute Food and Nutrition Service employees to other schools that have a higher participation rate.

Parents of students who were getting their school meals distributed at Bonham, Lamar, or Lundy can either go to Burges High School, or Wiggs or Hornedo Middle schools for their meal distribution. The district keeps track of which parents use which schools so they were notified of the changes last week by email, but in case you missed it, those are the schools you can use from here on out.

Also, because today is Election Day, the district is suspending meal distribution at eight campuses today, but only for today. Meal distribution will go back to normal on Wednesday. The schools affected are:

Hawkins Elementary
Henderson Middle
Jefferson/Silva High
Johnson Elementary
Putnam Elementary
Rivera Elementary
Stanton Elementary
Whitaker Elementary

Remember, these schools will go back to normal meal distribution on Wednesday after the election is over. If you need any other information about the meal distribution program in EPISD, click here for their website.

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