ICE operations have been happening around the country and the El Paso Independent School District has taken the unprecedented move of telling parents in the district that their kids are safe at school.
ABC-7 talked to students at Bowie High School who said that they’ve heard of classmates who are afraid to go to class because they are afraid that they will be picked up by ICE at school.

EPISD sent a letter to faculty, parents and students letting them know that local ICE officials are not going to conduct any enforcement actions at their schools.Schools are given protection against ICE and Customs and Border Protection apprehensions, arrests, interviews or searches of individuals at a school.

If they have permission to do so or if there is a situation regarding national security, terrorism or public safety, however, they can go to a school.

If you have questions about ICE in EPISD, you can set up a meeting with the district’s community schools coordinator. They can advise you on how the district is dealing with this situation, but cannot give you legal counsel.

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