The El Paso Independent School District announced the return to in-classroom learning on Monday of this week. Today, they are announcing a freeze on homework. The district says that they are doing this to cut down on screen time for their students.

EPISD Associate Superintendent Dr. Carla Gonzales had released a statement that said "given the current circumstances," the district was making the move to freeze homework while they implemented 100% virtual instruction. According to Gonzales, they have decided that because families are undergoing so much stress due to the pandemic, they want kids to have an "absolute stop to the end of the school day."

This statement was made on August 27 but EPISD school board member Freddy Klayel-Avalos posted on his Facebook page that teachers and principals had been notified of a homework freeze until further notice on Tuesday afternoon.

Some of the questions that were answered by Avalos from parents include:

1. Homework was being used to count children present - The parent said that teachers said as long as homework was being turned in they would be counted present. The parent asked if no homework would mean kids were going to be counted absent. Avalos answered "No, we will accommodate."

2. Is this for all EPISD - Avalos said yes and it was effective immediately.'

3. Are AP classes the exception - Avalos said "They shouldn't be." If you are worried, contact your child's teacher.

As with most things that concern your child's education, calling the school district or getting information from your child's teacher is the best way to make sure you and they are doing the right thing to keep them on track.

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