Over the weekend, the El Paso Fire Department gave Astro, a Pitbull, a medal after saving his owner’s life earlier last week.

They say that a dog is truly a man’s best friend, and in this case, it's true since this dog helped save his best friend’s life.  

Posted by Bertha Martinez on Saturday, April 17, 2021

Last week after the son of Astro’s owner had a medical emergency, the clever Pitbull got out of his home and went out looking for help. A Good Samaritan found the dog and led them back to his house, where 911 was contacted, transporting the patient to the hospital, and ultimately saving his life. 

Everyone, meet Cosmo. Today, Cosmo's owner had a medical emergency. The smart pup immediately went to look for help. A...

Posted by El Paso Fire Department on Wednesday, April 14, 2021

On Wednesday, the El Paso Fire Department (EPFD) posted a picture of Astro saying the following: (EPFH initially had understood the dog's name to be Cosmo, but it turns out the dog’s name is Astro) 

Everyone, meet Cosmo. Today, Cosmo's owner had a medical emergency. The smart pup immediately went to look for help. A good samaritan saw Cosmo and tried to get closer, Cosmo led them to his owner, and 911 was called. Thanks to this, Pumper 15 and Rescue 31 were able to assist and transport the patient, saving his life.  

Who's the goodest boy of them all? 

After Astro’s heroic act, the beautiful and clever Pitbull has received a medal from the El Paso Fire Department for his quick thinking, bravery, and lifesaving efforts. 

According to KTSM, Bertha Martinez and her family adopted Astro after spotting the stray dog on the streets and was reluctant to keep him because he is still a pup and would get bigger, but all that changed after Astro saved her son's life.  

Thankfully after the scary ordeal, everyone is safe and doing well.

Sadly Pitbull breeds like Astro usually carry a negative reputation, perceived as aggressive and untrustworthy pets. But, as with most things in life, you can’t judge a book by its cover because it's evident that Astro is redefining his Pitbull breed perception.

El Paso Fire Department
El Paso Fire Department

By the way, anyone who would like to send Astro a congratulatory message, or treat, can contact his now forever owner Bertha Martinez via Facebook.  


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