El Paso County is going into a two week lockdown at midnight tonight, but some are wondering if it will affect their ability to vote on Election Day. Earlier this afternoon, El Paso COunty Judge Ricardo  Samaniego held a press conference with other area leaders to discuss the dire situation in the borderland regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. He revealed some truly shocking numbers, like the hospital

According to Judge Samaniego, "election activities are essential services and are not affected by the order." People are still trying to vote and those out there campaigning for their candidates may continue to do so. That means if you wanted to still early vote tomorrow you can, or you can wait until Election Day this coming Tuesday, November 3rd. Both are acceptable options as long as you get out there and vote. If you are looking for a an early voting location throughout El Paso County, there are 10 locations that will be open late tomorrow so you can still vote. You can see those 10 locations here. You can also find one of the many locations throughout the county where you can early vote at the El Paso County Election Department website.

El Paso County Judge Samaniego also made a point to say that the polling locations are doing their part to make sure the voting process is as safe and sanitary as possible. All polling locations will remain open through November 3rd. You can view today's press conference at the El Paso County Facebook page or read about it on our sister website KSII FM.

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