Meteorologist Chuck DeBroder explains when we can expect the first day of freezing temperatures this winter in the Sun City.

Summer brought it’s A-game to El Paso this year ushering in triple-digit temperatures earlier than usual and even though September 22 was the official start of autumn, we are still feeling spring-like weather around here.

I myself am partial to the cooler temperatures, especially because it gives way to wearing all those cozy scarves and sweaters.

So in anticipation of sweater weather, I decided to reach out to my good friend and meteorologist, Chuck DeBroder to see when we could expect the first day of freezing temperatures in El Paso.

According to Chuck, we can expect a drier winter once again this year with the first freeze of 2020 to happen on November 13, so get ready to pull your plants and pets indoors that evening. We can also anticipate the coldest time of the year to hang around from December 14 through January 17, 2021, with an average low temperature of 32 degrees – right around freezing.

He also explained that this year we can expect about a dozen or so icy cold days with about 3 days of flurries, with the chances of snow sticking around for a couple of those days up until the afternoon, before the sun melts it all down. Sorry Olaf, maybe next year.

With November 13th just around the corner, it might be a good time to start airing out your winter coats.

A big thank you to Chuck DeBroder for his 2020 El Paso freeze forecast –if you want to follow his daily weather updates, follow along on Instagram at @wxchuck and on Facebook HERE.

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