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What Ellen told this guy will make you want to high five your computer screen! Go Ellen!

An article from Christian Post earlier this week had some very controversial words and you won't believe how Ellen Degeneres came back on her show.

US Evangelist Larry Tomczak argued that the Ellen uses her  show to promote her lesbian lifestyle and force it onto children. In a quote he basically stated that she has guests like Taylor Swift on to lure young girls to watch her show as she "celebrates her lesbianism" while they watch.

Ellen came back with a witty response of course. She first states that she usually steers away from social media and celebrity gossip about herself and this time she couldn't help but "celebrate her lesbianism". It was very clever and funny when she pulled out a small exploding champagne firework to "celebrate her lesbianism".

Ellen also pulled out a prop to "hypnotize" her watching audience into just being themselves, even if it is being openly gay or lesbian. We love Ellen, she rocks.

Watch the whole monologue HERE.