Ellen DeGeneres has done it again!

The daytime talk show queen transformed into a snow queen (well, kind of), belting out the 'Frozen' hit 'Let It Go' with guest Kristen Wiig. The kicker? The two had somehow managed to never hear the song before.

Of course, it's basically impossible to sing a song you've never heard before (though the two admitted to kind of knowing the chorus) -- which is what makes their rendition so hilarious. While the comediennes can both practically make us pee our pants with laughter on their own, together, they're even better.

Remember in 'Bridesmaids' when Kristen Wiig's character tries to out-sing Rose Byrne's? That's kind of like what went down on 'Ellen,' only Wiig and DeGeneres were working together in an attempt to nail that duet (or at least get the melody right.) And while we don't know what's up with the strange accent that Kristen Wiig adopts halfway through the tune, we're just gonna go with it. And just wait til they get up on the table!

Watch Ellen DeGeneres and Kristen Wiig perform 'Let It Go' in the video above!

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