Seven adults and four juveniles have been arrested for allegedly committing several incidents of vandalism of El Paso's iconic star on the Franklin Mountains.

Miguel Perez, 17; Victoria Sanchez, 18; Alejandro Mora, 20; were arrested on June 30th. They are each charged with theft and criminal trespassing. Their bond was set at $1,000. Three 16-year-old boys were also arrested on July 6th and charged with criminal trespass and theft. That same day, 18-year old Javier Castro and a fourth 16-year-old boy and were charged with criminal trespass. Castro's bond was set at $300. The names of the juveniles in the case were not released.

On July 7th, El Paso Police arrested three 17-year-olds and charged them with trespassing. They are Oscar Valdez of Fort Hancock, Gabriel Gonzalez of Fabens, and Sabrina Gonzalez of Fabens.

Police say that all of those arrested were found on the mountain and that the stolen light bulbs were recovered.

This isn't the first time the star has been vandalized. KFOX 14 did a story on how much it costs to maintain and replace the lightbulbs on the star. Hopefully the parents of these little alleged vandals won't let them off the hook and do something to show them that this kind of nonsense is unacceptable.

I'm thinking they should have their phones tossed into Ascarate lake.