We all remember that one place we enjoy eating at since our youth in Juarez. Unfortunately, some of those favorite restaurants closed while some of them are still standing. Just recently the U.S. Mexico Border opened which meant reunions for families in the borderland. If there is anywhere I would enjoy a fmaily reunion is definitely at a Mexican restaurant in Juarez. There's a place in Juarez that serves the best comida some of us can agree on.

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Growing up I visited Juarez often for family visits and parties. For family visits, it always ended with us leaving Juarez in a food coma.

Making family visits meant saving up for a scrumptious filling appetite. Which means skip eating breakfast and lunch for a well worth it dinner.

That well worth it dinner for me would have to be El Tragadero in Juarez. El Tragadero has the best Mexican food ever that I sure do miss eating at. It is also known as the bullfighting restaurant.

If you have been inside El Tragadero then you will understand why some call it the bullfighting restaurant. They start you off with bean soup and chicharrones and their guacamole is amazing. But the food and dessert give your tastebuds a glorious awakening.

It's the kind of food you see is made with love. If you've been there then you should remember the little kitchen area in front of the restaurant where they are making tortillas. Well Joe Pete who you also hear on KLAQ had gone to Juarez to eat at El Tragadero which he made sure to make other mouths water.

via Joe Pete Facebook
via Joe Pete Facebook

Joe Pete shared a picture of the restaurant featured above that got my stomach and tastebuds craving for their food. Another favorite place I miss eating at was at the Mercado which served the best and most spicy fideo I have ever had. Feel free to share your favorite restaurant you love eating at in Juarez in the comments on our KLAQ Facebook page.

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