Time capsules are pretty neat because of the unknown that is carried inside. There have been some time capsules that have incredible findings. El Paso has a time capsule that is scheduled to open in 2050. You can hear the incredible story yourself from the tour guides at the International Museum of Art. They have been holding on to the time capsule for quite a while now.

It is said that our local time capsule was filled in 1950. The wooden time capsule you see in the photos above was made in Ciudad Juarez. The time capsule actually used to be located at House and Liberty Hall. The time capsule was given to the International Museum of Art making that the final resting place. They inserted a few news articles to place on the top part of the time capsule.

I am very curious as to what exactly is hiding inside that big wooden chest. By the year 2050, I will be 66 years old when the time capsule is set to open. The pictures don't really do justice because the time capsule is HUGE!


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