The COVID-19 pandemic hit so many businesses hard and many are in crisis because of the economic downtown due to the pandemic, none more so than area non-profits and museums. Those entities already run on a pretty lean budget but because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic they are really hurting for funds. One of my favorite venues in town, the International Museum of Art on Montana, is one of the entities that is struggling. They've taken an interesting turn in trying to keep their doors open. They are selling some of their holdings.

The International Museum of Art is holding an estate sale hosted by A New Beginning Estate Sales & Appraisals. They held the first weekend of their estate sale last Saturday, but this weekend you can check out the beautiful items that are for sale and take them home with you if the price is right. These photos show the inside of the museum but they aren't things for sale.

1. Sculpture - This area of the museum is filled with sunlight and so peaceful to walk through.

2. Chandelier room - As gorgeous as this room looks in a photograph, it is even more breathtaking in real life.

Patricia Martinez

3. Staircase - I took this photo on a cloudy day but when the sun is shining the stained glass is stunning. A definite must see.

Patricia Martinez

The estate sale is happening this Saturday and Sunday July 10th and 11th from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. There are so many amazing items that you are sure to find something that you will love and want in your home. There are items ranging from paintings to sculpture. The museum also has clothing for sale and even furniture.

The home that houses the museum is a Trost mansion built by the Turney family. It is a little more traditional and conservative than a usual Trost design but it really is a gorgeous venue. The home housed the original site of the El Paso Museum of Art but when they moved downtown, the site was renamed the International Museum of Art. If you can help out by buying something at their estate sale and help keep their doors open it would help keep a historic home and vital part of the arts scene in El Paso open.

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