Spooky season is officially here and El Pasoan's all across the city are celebrating in their own unique way. Over at Rick Car's house, he's celebrating spooky season and invites the community to join him!

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If you've read some of my previous articles, then you already know how much I'm a fan of local man Rick Car's awesome light shows! Rick Car is notoriously known for putting his projector to good use. If you remember, I was super bummed a few years ago when I missed his "Haunted Mansion" light show for Halloween. Check out how cool that was.

Now, with Halloween right around the corner, Car is once again inviting the community out to his home to enjoy a light show that is quite fitting for the season. This year, Rae of Light (the name of Car's light show) is introducing a brand new Halloween show with a tribute to "Stranger Things".

This past season of "Stranger Things" was a huge hit for fans so it's no surprise that Halloween decorations are centering around the hit Netflix show. Check out how Rae of Light is paying tribute and prepare to get chills!

The Journey song, the scenes, the ending with Kate Bush and not to mention THE LIGHTNING! It all makes for a great show!

Car is once again invting the community out to check out the light show. Show starts Friday (Oct. 7) at 7:15pm through 9pm (on a continuous loop). You can find out the location and more information on upcoming shows on the Rae of Light Facebook page. Just a small reminder that it is in a residential neighborhood, so show some courtesy to the neighbors! Happy Hauntings!

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