Just because the annual St. Anthony’s Labor Day Weekend Bazaar has come and gone doesn’t mean El Paso’s Kermes season is over.

There’s still a whole month of Loteria, corn in a cup, and homemade-just-like-grandma-makes tacos and gorditas left to go. Several more glorious weeks of cake walks, raspas, old-school family activities, and have I mentioned gorditas like grandma used to make?

Here’s where you can find an outdoor bazaar at a Catholic church near you through the end of September.

September 2018 Kermes

• Sep 7-9: San Juan Diego, 14520 Montana Ave
• Sep 7-9: Holy Spirit, 14132 McMahon Ave, Horizon City
• Sep 14-16: San Elceario, 1556 San Elizario Rd, San Elizario
• Sep 21-23: St. Francis X. Cabrini, 12200 Vista Del Sol
• Sep 22-23: Sacred Heart, 602 S Oregon St

• Sept 28-30: La Purisima Socorro Mission, 328 S Nevarez Rd, Socorro
• Sept 28-29: St. Pius X, 1050 N Clark Dr
• Sept 29-30: Little Flower, 171 Polo Inn Rd
• Sep 29-30: St. Francis de Assisi, 5750 Doniphan Dr