Summer time in El Paso is traditionally Kermes time in El Paso. A "kermes," in case you don't know, is what we call a church bazaar around here.

Before Covid ruined everything, June through September routinely consisted of one weekend kermes after another at a Catholic church near you. That all came to a screeching halt last June after the Catholic Diocese of El Paso suspended all church activities, including church bazaars.

But now with social distancing guidelines and mask restrictions loosened or done away with altogether, does that mean Loteria, cake walks, and homemade-just-like-grandma-makes tacos and gorditas will be a thing again this summer? Will the diocese give the 2021 Kermes season its blessing?

I reached out to The Church for a status check and this is what Fernie Ceniceros, Director of Communications Catholic Diocese of El Paso, told me:

We are still looking at what the feasibility will be for Kermesses and Bazzars in 2021.

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Well, it wasn’t a straight up no. So there's still a chance there could be some form of a Kermes season. Fingers crossed more people get their shots and the honor system the governor put us on works. I’ll light a candle and report back when I hear something.

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