El Pasoans with water-loving canines won't have to leave them behind when seeking a wet respite from triple-digit temperatures anymore.

Beginning this year, they'll have at least one spot in town that will provide their furry friends some relief too.

Pavo Real Enhanced Spray Park at 9301 Alameda will be home to El Paso's first and only dog-friendly splash pad.

Claudia Ordaz Facebook

The Lower Valley spray park is actually two separate spray parks; one for humans and another specifically built for dogs to splash around in.

The dog area will have 7 water features, including one that looks like a fire hydrant. Next door will be 4,500-square-foot spray park with 25 water features for people .

Trees, shade canopies, and picnic tables and benches will line the area. Separate water filtration systems will keep water from the two splash pads from mixing.

Claudia Ordaz Facebook

It's not known at this time if the Pavo Real Spray Park will be ready by May 1 when the city opens Sue Young Spray Park and Hidden Valley Spray Park for the season, or if water-loving canines will have to wait until summer.