Remember the career game El Paso's Aaron Jones had against my beloved Dallas Cowboys? You know, the one in which he scored 4 touchdowns and riddled the Dallas defense for 182 total yards.

One of those TD runs cost him $10,527.

That's how much the NFL fined him for waving bye-bye as he scooted past a Dallas Cowboys defender on his way to touchdown number 3 during their Oct. 6 match-up. Whether you thought it was a super-fun burn or a d**k move, the National Football League considered it taunting and fined him for it.

As much as it p***ed me off when I saw it happen in real time, I have to admit he had a hilarious response when recently asked by reporters if the gesture was worth the hit on his pocketbook.

Here's what the former UTEP Miner and Burges High Mustang said:

I can't say it was worth it, but the picture is a dope picture. I'm going to have that blown up one day in my house.

According to an ESPN report, Jones said he didn't plan on doing it; he was "just in the zone." He added that he plans to appeal and try to at least get the amount reduced. "I definitely got a nice picture out of it," said Jones. "But it hurts my pocket a little bit. I want that money."

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Signs you’re a True-Blue Dallas Cowboys Fan

• You’ve learned to live with the ridiculous nicknames people have for them. But, really guys enough with the Cowgirls, Clownboys, and Cowgueys jokes. Get some new material.

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• You spend more time hating on the Cowboys than you do supporting your own team. You, my friend, are a Dallas Cowboys fan.

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