The winner of the $9 million Lotto Texas jackpot in the Nov. 29 drawing has claimed their windfall, Lotto Texas officials announced in a press release.

The El Pasoan – or New Mexican or Juarense -- was the only person to select all six winning numbers making the lucky local the sole winner of the jackpot, which before taxes, comes out to $7,637,969.88.

According to the release, El Paso's newest millionaire elected to remain anonymous – which I totally get and would do the same if the money gods ever picked me.

So there's no word on who to claim you’re related to, or hit up for a loan, or what he or she plans to do with their new found wealth. Maybe something extravagant like buying a big house with refrigerated air, or perhaps something more economical that used to be just out of reach when you were making just enough to get by; you know like name-brand quilted, ultra-plush toilet paper. Now that’s living the dream.

The ticket was sold at the 7-11 on Brown Street near the Hospitals of Providence Sierra Campus, and the numbers chosen were not Quick Picks according to the lottery website, so 9-13-17-20-26-28 must have some special meaning to the claimant.

I guess that’s something else we’ll never know unless he or she ever comes forward, or someone spots them trying to cash one of those giant, oversized checks at the bank and recognizes them.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the 7-11 on Brown to purchase a couple of tickets. Here’s hoping lighting strikes twice there so that I can prove money can buy happiness. And lots and lots of name brand, two-ply toilet paper.

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