If you've lived here long enough you've undoubtedly heard a spooky tale or two about alleged ghost sightings and paranormal activity at El Paso High School.

From the cheerleader who is said to have jumped from a balcony and whose spirit now wanders the hallways to the mysterious ghost girl in the famous photo to the once-secret passages underneath the school, the hauntings of the Lady on the Hill are the stuff of myths and legends.

And now El Pasoans Joseph Nevarez and Robert Nevarez want to bring some of the stories from what has been named The Scariest Haunted High School in America to the big screen.

The El Paso High exes, who have served as tour guides on several of the tunnel tours the El Paso High School Alumni Association has put on over the years, want to make a movie based on some of the supernatural activity current and former students and staff, as well as they themselves, have experienced at the school.

The project, which for now is being called " Viva La High? A Paranormal Mystery," is being written by Joseph and will consist of 4 to 5 dramatized re-enactments of documented paranormal activity that has taken place at the 100-year-old school through the decades.

The pair have started an online campaign to raise the $75k needed to produce a full-length movie for the big screen.

The plan, Nevarez tells me, is to use local actors and shoot some of the movie at the 100-year-old school and other scenes in a studio set. He wants to have it completed sometime this fall, “and hopefully to premier it in the beautiful school auditorium.”

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