We are only barely into the second month of 2022 and already people are saying that El Paso is in desperate need of a limpia. With shootings, deadly car accidents, and teenagers running amok and doing $100,000 in damage to two area schools, some people took to FitFam to say that maybe we need some supernatural, witchcrafty help to slow our roll.

Local Instagram page FitFam does a periodic limpia on their page because they have all the crazy video and stories of all the crazy things that El Pasoans are up to. On one of their recent limpia posts, people had a lot to say about the crazy month that was January in El Paso.

justthefreshmansax_was talking about the four girls who did all that damage to Glen Cove Elementary and Pebble Hills school.

Clearly more chanclas are needed for these kids nowadays

ellezig47 said those girls weren't the only ones who needed a chancla

Chancla for the parents too!!

@charliebrenner2 When you memorize your mom’s combos #chancla #lachancla #mom #discipline #kungfu #latinamom #fyp #childhood ♬ original sound - Charlie Brenner753

se8as_says we need more than just a limpia to fix our crazy

not even brujeria can stop the &^%$#( that’s been going on

calvin_grinds has a plan for his limpia

@mooooooofin nah bruh I’m waiting till after February 14th so I don’t have to buy anyone anything

lenchowoll is asking for a friend but apparently you can do it yourself

Where can I get one of these cleanses?

@suzetteidalypina im posting pt 2 cause this is too funny #Fyp #limpia #maldeojo #evilevey #funny #viral #hispanic ♬ original sound - Suzette Idaly Pina

sergefury thinks things are pretty bad

They need to add Clorox to this city.

playboydior_ watched FitFam's video below and needs to know where to go for his

i dont know what dis is but it look like it feel good

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