It's Friday night in 1998, do you remember what you were up to?

Chico's still had their original cheese, Cohen Stadium still existed and the Diablos played there. Those were simpler times, which is why I decided to ask our Facebook followers what they would have been up to on a Friday night in 1998.

And you all have some great memories! Here is what some of you were up to:

Going to Blockbuster to get some movies to watch over the weekend

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Blockbuster was definitely a must on a Friday night! However, there was another unsung hero of movie rentals: Hollywood Video!

Eating at uncle baos on mesa then heading to Hollywood video to rent a movie or an anime while my brother looked for a game.

Sean Benesh via Unsplash
Sean Benesh via Unsplash

Some of you were wilding out on a Friday night:

10 dollar drink n down at Tequila Derby on the Juarez Strip!

via DJ PI2FO YouTube
via DJ PI2FO YouTube

RIP Tequila Derby.

Then there was the popular club on this side of the Border that some of you partied at:

Graham Central Station. I think they had quarter drinks before 8pm.

A lot of you really liked playing pool on a Friday night:

After work go to Montana billiards have some beers & play some pool.

Or to this hot spot for pool:

Freeway Lanes for pool.

Klara Kulikova via Unsplash
Klara Kulikova via Unsplash

Also, many of you were fans of Rods & Wheels on Montana:

Hang out at Clicks or Bombardiers or head down to Rods and Wheels on Montana

And the go-to spot for pizza on a Friday was Pizza Pros.

Post dating a check with pizza pros for three large pepperoni, and blockbuster in hopes to find a newer disney release for the kids. Juarez strip days were a few years before that lol

And this was probably my favorite response:

When I was a kid, in the summer my Grandma would take me to Western Playland at Ascarate, then after we would stop at the Chicos on Alameda, man it was awesome!!!

If you have 1998 memories you want to share with us, send us a message in our App Chat!

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