Dear KLAQ & KISS listeners,

First and foremost I just want to say thank you for the amazing memories you've allowed me to leave with. It was such a pleasure being able to rock out with you all these years.

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Not only did I enjoy talking your ears off about my love for Chino Moreno and Deftones but enjoyed sharing stories too. Some of those stories included some favorite pastime spots a lot of El Pasoans fondly remember.

For example, some of you enjoyed reminiscing about the pet stores that once existed at the malls. Another story I had fun sharing was about the El Paso native Andrew who made it on Jimmy Kimmel Live years ago. Plus, it sure has been fun being your girl for some getaway trips out of El Paso but keeping it Texas and where the cougars and manthers hang out.

Working at KLAQ these past 12 years definitely helped me with my communication skills. Although I still didn't really overcome my fear of being on a stage in front of a crowd and having to do stage announcements.

But one thing for sure is I will definitely hold on to the memories I was lucky to make here. One thing I know for sure you won't miss is how much I would gush over Deftones.

Especially when I could NOT stop talking about my one-on-one interview with Chino Moreno. I'm just glad I can say I made Chino Moreno chuckle after getting on the topic of Deftones and chill. Hear it for yourself and listen at 7:51 if you don't believe my words directly below.

If it weren't for the pandemic I may have never ended up talking on two stations. After the pandemic happened I went from a rocker mom to a pop mom from time to time which was fun to do. Now that meant you would hear me on 93.1 KISS FM which is KLAQ's sister station.

It was a ton of fun meeting bands, even working events, and more importantly, enjoyed the talks I had with you. Whether it was talking to you on the air, in person at remotes, on the rock line, or through the app chat.

Being able to hear how the playlist is helping your day or how I made you laugh by saying something silly made my day a great one. Even the hilarious messages about how I looked like a nervous wreck hosting Cool Canyon Nights one time this year.

I will definitely miss keeping you company during the day on your drive, or while you're at work. Thank YOU, for the good times I had the pleasure of sharing with you over the years.

It hurts to say but this rock n' roll mommy made the decision to step away from talking on the radio. Believe me, when I say, I will sure as hell miss being able to ramble on throughout the day. I'll especially miss some of the co-workers I've met over the years that became friends while some are in the heavens. Don't be surprised if I am emotional on my last day on Friday, October 14. Thank you KLAQ listeners for helping me meet a version of myself that I didn't know existed. Peace, love, and cheers, El Paso!

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