There is no greater feeling than having a flashback just by looking at a picture. There are pictures you come across that will bring back good memories.

For example, there is a Facebook group that shares old pictures of places that once existed in El Paso. Other pictures that are shared are of places that still exist but changed their appearance. There are also pictures of places we once knew that no longer exist.

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Luckily, Facebook memories took me down memory lane with a picture I am so glad I took. The picture is of a place I enjoyed watching baseball games that had 25 cent hot dogs night. Yes, I am talking about Cohen Stadium where the El Paso Diablos played baseball.

Unfortunately, Cohen Stadium no longer exists since now Camp Cohen Waterpark has taken its place. A lot of us who grew up in El Paso remember attending Cohen Stadium with our parents and friends. Well, thanks to Facebook memories it took me back to some good times I once had at Cohen Stadium.

As for the other picture, well it is of my son when he was a baby with the Diablos mascot. It's funny because that place where my son got his picture with the Diablos mascot doesn't exist either. It was at Nothing But Noodles which was off Sunland Park Dr. which is now D'Lox. Hopefully, you also enjoyed a couple of pictures from my personal photos as much as I did.

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