Here’s a couple of listener ghost stories experienced at Stanton and Mesita Elementary schools in El Paso.

Last month, I told you about the 13 most haunted schools in the El Paso area, and it prompted a few people to share their own personal ghost stories.

Our first ghost story was sent in by Jorge, sharing his ghost experience at Stanton Elementary while working as a Pre-K para-professional.

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Stanton Elementary

“This was my experience at Stanton Elementary School years ago, before I became a Pre-k para, and I would like to share. 

I was still in grade school (middle school) and my mom was a kindergarten teacher at the time. It was during the summer, I was helping her set up her room, and when I was sitting and sorting stuff. I had my back towards her closet, and an empty basket that was placed securely on the shelf high up just slid onto the floor from the closet. If the basket fell, it would've fallen flat, not slid across.

A custodian who worked the same hall as my mom said that one evening, she opened a classroom door, put down the door stopper, and when she turned around to open my mom's door, the door that she had just opened, slammed shut behind her. No air, no wind caused this. This happened in the main hall.

When I started working in 2012, mom was moved to a different hall/ classroom and we both heard a loud sigh or "ugh", and I thought it was her, while she thought it was me. In one of the pre-k rooms, the teacher who I helped, mentioned that the computers in her room would turn on by themselves while they were on standby or sleep mode.

I think because the ghost got bored of the main hallway, he moved into the library. The librarian, her aide, and custodians who clean it have heard this little swinging door that moves on its own. It has been mentioned by veteran teachers that many years ago a teacher had a heart attack in one of the kindergarten classrooms, but did not die at the school, but say that he's the one that haunts the school.”

Mesita Elementary ma

Our second story was shared by Hannia, a library assistant at Mesita Elementary.

Mesita Elementary

“Last year while I did my student teaching to become a teacher, I worked part-time as a library assistant in the library at Mesita Elementary (not Villas ES, but the main building). So... there were times that I had to stay while the librarian left early, to visit other libraries, or for lunch. I was the only assistant that she had, and my job was to greet students as they came into the library, help them find their books, and shelve returned books as well.

So once or twice every week, when I was left alone in the library, as I worked in my duties, I saw shades coming into the library through the main door, I even saw shades walking through the aisles and shelves (NOTE: these were small and grayish shades). Other times, when I was also left alone and as I shelved books, I had to organize them in order and straight to each other. As I came back, and without anyone entering the library, those same books that I organized were out of the shelf or not straight to each other.

After this happened, I asked the librarian to be honest about ghosts being in the library and I also explained what happened while she wasn’t there. After all, she never responded to me and every time she just gave me a vague smile... which in other words, for me, it meant that she knew about it and I wasn’t wrong at all. Maybe, I’ll never know, but surely, I know something happened in that library.”

Creepy, or what? Thank you to both Jorge and Hannia for sharing their ghost stories. If you have a ghost story you'd like to share, feel free to email me at


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