El Pasoans took to social media to share their stunning rainbow photos taken from across the city earlier this week.

Miguel Vigil

Local photography enthusiasts are sharing the latest round of rainbows captured earlier this week, including a double rainbow and a helicopter flying straight through another bathed and saturated in primary colors.

Miguel Vigil

Thanks to tropical storm Nora coming up from Mexico, El Paso received some isolated showers that brought on another impressive rainbow spotted across the Sun City earlier this week.

Adam Murillo

Eagle eye spectators who are always looking up to our skies snapped away, revealing some incredible images of a beautiful double rainbow.

Dusty Low

It’s not often that we get to see a perfect rainbow from end to end, but in reality, rainbows are circles; but we just can’t see them in their complete form from the ground. So the conditions have to be perfect to spot a rainbow, making these pictures that much more special.

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