When it comes to showing our face in public, El Pasoans got it covered.

As the COVID-19 crisis persists and El Paso has gone into the face covering phase of protecting oneself and the community, El Pasoans have put their individuality on display.

Some have gone above and beyond a surgical mask or pulled-up bandana and turned them into a fashion accessory. Others have gotten quite crafty and creative making their own to fit their personality. Check out the Face Coverings Fashion Show below

Some are functional…

Submitted by Dana Buntyn
Submitted by Suzanne Viramontes
Submitted by Melanie Rebecca Ponce
Submitted by Stefanie Burrola Gallegos
Submitted by Enid Mirabal
Submitted by Robert K Guillen

Some, um... well...

Submitted by Ricardo Villagran

Reppin' their team

Submitted by Jose Adame
Submitted by Maggie Coates

Reppin’ their city

Submitted by Claudia Alvarez
Submitted by Missy Velez Briones

See, he does have one

El Paso Police Department

Some are prepared for more than just a deadly virus

Submitted by Rick Car
Submitted by Andres Garcia

Some are as scary as the virus itself

Submitted by Amanda Soliz Williams
Submitted by Manuel Fernandez Jr.
Submitted by Rubi Ann

Sometimes you have to make do with what you have around the house

Submitted by Amenadiel Smith
Submitted by Diana Rosales Paget
Submitted by Shakira Corral

You gotta hand it to this guy

Submitted by Casey Gonzales

Some are still trying to figure out how they work

Submitted by Nora Ramirez
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