On May 21st, women all over the country rallied together at public settings, like local City Halls, to show their frustration with recent government bills that have been passed focusing on women's reproductive health; specifically targetting abortion. El Pasoans quickly rallied together to stand with others outraged over the new laws that are being created for women by men.

2019 StoptheBans Protest

A few people for these abortion laws showed up to show their support for the recently passed bills but that caused security to get involved. As you can see in the video, some women attempted to just cover up the other signs with theirs and started chants to overpower the opposite side's shouts during speeches.

From the time I was there, till the time I left, it was a peaceful, informative rally. That is what we need more of. We don't need to hate each other, we need to be able to discuss each other's opinions. Voices need to be heard from people with reliable, honest information. The lies need to stop. Both men and women need to learn how the reproductive system works and so do our future children. We need places to welcome that and teach that. You can't argue with teaching the future.

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