The Lower Valley Water District and El Paso Water are urging El Pasoans to stop flushing things down that toilet, that DO NOT belong in the toilet.

In case you do not know what SHOULD be flushed down the toilet. It is the three Ps: Pee, Poo & Toilet Paper.

Honestly, it seems El Pasoans just want to flush everything down the toilet. Why? Seriously, why? I don't understand what person thinks it is okay to just flush a face mask. I already highlighted this problem back in March with some crazy photos.

That wasn't enough for some people.

What WILL be enough for El Pasoans? When the streets are busting with the three Ps? Will you remember them then? I get it, you are frustrated and just want to do whatever is the easiest thing. Please try to do what is best for the community and not just for yourself.

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