El Paso has some new adorable goats Mike can sing a Taylor Swift song with!

The El Paso Zoo welcomes three male goat kids, one born on March 12 and twins born on March 18.  The Zoo is home to six Spanish goats; one male, two females and three kids.

The Zoo’s Spanish goats have been off exhibit until now which is a normal quarantine procedure. Being off exhibit also allowed the goats to bond and get used to people before being out on exhibit.

Animal Care staff has been assisting with the twins because mom was only taking care of one of the twins. Staff stepped in to help with feeding that takes place six times a day. They are all already also nibbling on alfalfa which also provides other nutrients.

These kids are like typical baby goats, they love to climb and jump up off things. They are all doing well and getting along.

“It’s a real treat to have baby animals in our area. We have already built quite a bond with them.   They’re a great addition to the Animals of the Spanish Explorers because of their vitality and playfulness,” said Jen Aydelotte, Senior Keeper.

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Check out the El Paso zoo jamming out to "Call Me Maybe" and head out to see these cute new additions and the rest of the amazing animals!

I have to add this just because it is still hilarious!

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