If you haven't been to the El Paso Zoo to see the giraffes, you are really missing out on something. They get up so close that you can almost touch them, and you can even feed them at certain times of the day.

As much fun as the giraffes at the Zoo are, they will be off-exhibit for a brief time as the Zoo prepares to replace and increase the number of shade structures to the giraffe exhibit. The shade structures will provide more shade for the giraffes. That's great news for the giraffes, but bad news because you won't be able to see the giraffes again until August 12. They will be on exhibit until August 26 but then get taken off exhibit until the installation is done in September.

There are a lot of other amenities that will be added to the giraffe enclosure, so this is really going to make their space nicer for them. Make sure if you are going to go to the zoo that you check to make sure the giraffes are on display at that time.

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