El Paso loves wings & pizza. Whether it's The El Paso Wing Factory, World of Wings, The Pizza Joint or Ardovino's; you can't go wrong with getting either one.

Another place that's become a favorite in El Paso is The Shack; a place that has been serving hot wings since 2009. They also have a similar branch called The Shack Pizza & Brews, located 3021 McRae.

They currently have 3 locations in El Paso; 2 on the east side & 1 in the Northeast:

  • 1883 N Zaragoza,
  • 9120 Viscount
  • and 4726 Woodrow Bean off of Transmountain.
Google Maps
Google Maps

That's set to change in the future however; as it was teased on The Shack's official social media pages with the possibly of a 4th location opening up around the Cimarron Plaza off of Paso Del Norte & Resler.

A lot of people have been getting excited about the news online; so I decided to take it amongst myself to contact The Shack to say if they have an opening date for the West side.

After calling all the locations and talking to both managers & even the main office for The Shack, I can confirm that construction HAS indeed started for the Cimarron location. They haven't given a completion date yet (they're looking at a possible Winter 2023 or January 2024 opening date).

However, In addition to getting information, I was told there will be an addition 5th location opening up around Eastlake. That will also be arriving the same time; Winter 2023 or Early 2024.

So El Paso will have to wait a little bit longer but, eventually, those on the west side won't need to traverse a long while for The Shack.

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