A recent survey named El Paso as the 8th best city for trick or treating.

SmartAssets.com says "Halloween in El Paso is anything but chilly. The average maximum temperature on October 31 is 69.5 degrees. That’s something to consider before you pick out your kids’ costumes." The other cities named made it to their list for things like safety, median income and the opportunity for better candy, and big, public Halloween bashes.

Halloween in El Paso is great for a few reasons. We know candy. Pinatas and goodie bags are birthday party staples around here, so spending money on candy is nothing new to us, and we go big on the treats. Adults get in on the fun. This is a city where a keg is a must-have at a baptismal party, so if you're invited to someone's house so your kids can all go trick-or-treating together, chances are there will also be adult beverages. It's unlikely that the weather will be cold enough for a jacket so, while your kid might have to wear a little sweater to go out on Halloween, it probably won't cover up too much of their Harley Quinn costume.

Happy Halloween!