We didn't get much of a winter this year, but remember a few years ago we had a huge freeze that caused rolling blackouts and a general panic because temps stayed under freezing for three days? This week we are going to see some stormy weather, but nothing on that level, thank goodness.

You should be prepared for high winds and lower temperatures Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Bundle up you kiddos and yourself before you head out for the day's school and work. Weather folks say we are going to see strong winds kick up Monday around noon. Those gust could be up to 35 mph, but the National Weather Service is predicting possible gusts of up to 50 mph on the city's northeast and east sides of town. Those winds are expected to hang around until around 8 p.m. Monday night with a 30% chance of rain on Monday night. You definitely need to be ready for patchy blowing dust, and if you have anything in your backyard that isn't tied down, make sure you get it secured.

The only good thing all this wind will blow in is temps in the upper 60s, but those won't stick around for long because by Tuesday, a cold front will move in. Our high temperatures should be in the upper 40s during the day, but drop way down to the mid 20s Tuesday overnight into Wednesday.

On Wednesday temperatures will be a very chilly 30s and possibly may get to near 40 by the afternoon. We might get rain that could switch to what the weather peeps call a wintery mix around noon. By Thursday we'll still be breezy, but temps should warm up to the upper 50s.

Winter in El Paso can change on a dime, so be ready.

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