The first female Vice President of the United States will be in El Paso at the end of the week. According to Politico, Vice President Kamala Harris will be touring the U.S.-Mexico border this week, and that includes a scheduled stop in the Sun City. Harris will be bringing along Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on her first trip the city as Vice President.

Harris was given the job of crafting the Biden administration's response to the United State's immigration issue. She has gotten a lot of grief about not coming to the border from conservative media. Texas Senator Ted Cruz and others made a big splash in conservative media when they donned safari outfits and recorded themselves floating down the Rio Grande where Cruz said he saw a dead body floating in the water. You can " target="_blank">see the video here. Cruz said that Biden's immigration response has led to a border crisis, but residents in the Rio Grande Valley told The Guardian that "no such crisis exists."

Chip Somodevilla
Chip Somodevilla

In defense of Harris the White House said that instead of doing trips to the border, the Vice President has instead been trying to figure out what has been causing so many migrants to make the harrowing trip through Mexico to the United States border. Harris has met with a number of Mexican and Guatemalan leaders. Their talks led to an agreement to launch a U.S.-led drug and human trafficking task force to try and address some of the causes of the migrant surges that have been taking place for so many years.

There is no word yet on what the Vice President's itinerary will be. We don't know if she will be speaking to the public or if she will be only doing tours of the area. We also don't know if she will be meeting with any local leaders, but it is pretty likely that she will. We will update this blog with any new information when we get it.

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