I dig me the El Paso Symphony Orchestra!  They perform at the Plaza Theater, and the venue, the music, and the whole general downtown feel to their performances are really cool.  They've been looking for a conductor for 2 years, and have just announced they have found one, and boy, is he a great choice!

I don't have a clue about Bohuslav "Bo" Rattay, other than he signed a three-year deal with the EPSO, and, according to the El Paso Times, "made a strong impression on audience members, musicians, board members and orchestra donors during his two-performance audition."  All I know is he's totally rocking a latter day John Cusak vibe!


EPSO Chooses New Conductor
special to el paso times

Just for comparisons sake, here's my favorite scene from John's movie 'High Fidelity':

See!  I told you!  Welcome to El Paso, hottie who is now the conductor of the El Paso Symphony Orchestra!

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