The El Paso Animal Services Shelter is overcrowded. They have more animals than they can deal with and they need to find those doggos and kittehs their forever homes. If you are looking for a pet, don't buy, adopt! With so many dogs and cats to choose from, you are bound to find a pupper or cat that will complete your home.

Subaru El Paso is helping the El Paso Animal Services Shelter by hosting this weekend's annual Clear the Shelters adoption event. The Animal Services Shelter and Subaru El Paso will have free pet adoptions at their dealership on Saturday.

You will be able to go to Subaru El Paso to find your new furry friend. All adoption fees will be waived and your new best friend will get spayed or neutered (yikes!), they will have a microchip, and they will have age-appropriate vaccinations and the necessary city license.

If you got to the Animal Services website, you can check out their adoptable dogs, their adoptable cats, and even pets you can adopt that aren't dogs or cats. The pets on the page might not be at El Paso Subaru, so check there first and then check out the website for other pets you might be interested in.

Maybe adopting isn't for you. How about being a pet foster parent? You can do that as well, and it won't even cost you anything. Animal Services gives pet foster parents one-on-one training, a staff member is on call to provide our fosters with 24-hour support, and you get food, formula, blankets, towels, crates, and medical care for each foster animal.

Help the El Paso Animal Services find some amazing pets their forever home this weekend.

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