"The Last of Us" keeps winning over fans each week, and this lasts weeks episode finally revealed the Bloater that fans of the video game had been waiting for!

The Bloater made a splash after it was revealed in the episode, "Endure and Survive", that FEDRA had run the infected underground. Well, after a sinkhole opens up, a nest of infected resurface and we get our first look at a Bloater.

Now, something I didn't know about the infected, is that there are four levels of infected depending on how long they've been infected they are: runner, stalker, clicker, and bloater.

Well the reveal of this recent Bloater has gotten so many excited, in more ways than one, to see what else the team over at HBO brings us this season. But it also got me wondering, if El Paso were to get infected, what places around town are in danger of a flock of infected, plus a Bloater, to come through?

If you're wondering the same, wonder no more, because I have got the answer. Here are eleven streets a bloater could come through in El Paso!

Eleven El Paso Streets in Danger of a Bloater Coming Through

Some of these, I feel, were a bit obvious; like the streets where we've had some sinkholes. Now, it's no surprise that in El Paso, we've had our fair of sinkholes, we're all really just waiting for another round of heavy rains to create another; that's if a fungal outbreak doesn't get to the streets first!

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