A funny thing happened on the way to writing this article; the original post disappeared!

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In a move that I have never seen Crime Stoppers of El Paso do, they removed a post from earlier this week!

In the original post, which I wish I could show you but I can't, they shared a couple of photos of a man who they allege stole merchandise worth $100 from none other than Adult Video. The original post read:

Do you recognize this person? On the morning of January 13, 2023, at 11:22 AM, the suspect went into Adult Video, located at 8760 Gateway East, and walked out with a piece of merchandise worth over $100. The man left the store in the pictured white vehicle.
Anyone with any information on this case should call Crime Stoppers of El Paso immediately at 915-566-8477(TIPS)

Well, as I began to write this article, the photos were removed! Crime Stoppers of El Paso shared this:

According to Crime Stoppers of El Paso, the suspect was identified-so that was the cause of the photo removal? Has that ever happened before? I don't know, what I do know is that the photo removal didn't stop the comments from being hilarious.

What could he have allegedly stolen that was worth $100- at an Adult Video the possibilities are endless!

This fleshlight bandit should not get away with this!!!

Was the merchandise for him, or for someone special? Valentine's Day is around the corner.

He went to suprize his girl with what he’s lacking.

Now, Crime Stoppers say they identified the suspect, what happens to the merchandise?!

I really hope they don't want him to return the stolen property!!!!! Lol tf!

The jokes kept coming and they were not stopping:

The long arm of the law will eventually catch him.

Now, I know that you all can't see what the suspect looked like, but you're just going to have to trust that this comment is 100% correct!

His name is David Draiman. He sings for a band called "Disturbed". Shouldn't be hard to find.

Anyway, click on the post above to check out more of the hilarious comments- and until next time- be on the lookout for any fleshlight bandits!

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