Did an alien spacecraft use a recent storm as cover while paying us a visit?

Speculation started soon after CBS4 posted a viewer submitted time-lapse video of the storms that ripped through Far East El Paso on Monday night (8/14).

Almost immediately, people started commenting on the bright object that suddenly materializes between two thunderstorms. The object appears to go in one direction before abruptly changing course and taking off in the opposite direction at a very high rate of speed.


While several suggested it was probably just an airplane whose pilot wisely decided to fly around the storm rather than through it, many more were convinced it was a spacecraft not an aircraft, pointing to its odd maneuvering as proof.

According to Juan Carlos Chairez, the person who made the video, the time-lapse is actually a series of photographs he sequenced to make look like its moving. “Might be a plane, might be a helicopter, might be aliens... who knows,” he wrote in the comments. “ I didn't see [it] when taking the photographs.”

As much as I’d like to believe, I’m pretty sure it was airplane. If you look at the right-hand corner of the clip below, you’ll see the object ascend from the ground much like an airplane taking off.


But, hey, who knows? Maybe E.T. was paying us a visit. Like they say on The X-Files, “the truth is out there.”

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