There is a harsh tweet going around that a ton of people who have catered to Jennifer Lopez can relate to. We all have heard the wild news about "Bennifer" aka Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck getting hitched in Las Vegas.

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The way fans found out was either because they saw the couple in Las Vegas or on J. Lo's Instagram. I am not sure about you but I follow Las Vegas Locally's Twitter where I discovered Jennifer Lopez is apparently a low-ball tipper.

As you will see from the tweet they had no problem calling out Jennifer Lopez and her not-so-generosity. What was stunning to see is how not just Las Vegas Locally had something to say but so did others.

If you scroll through the comments you will see what tons of people had to say about their encounters. Some mentioned how Ben Affleck will leave a huge fat tip but Jennifer Lopez always tells him it's too much.

So, if Jennifer Lopez ever visits El Paso with Ben Affleck and you're serving them, don't expect a fat tip. But who knows maybe since Las Vegas workers don't get paid the same as El Pasoans maybe they could possibly tip huge.

If you're a server in El Paso and ever encounter Jennifer Lopez at your place of business, don't get ahead of yourself. In other words, don't assume that just serving a celebrity like her doesn't mean you will earn a fat tip.

Sure, because they are celebrities making way more money than us we expect a huge fat tip. But some people in El Paso are humble enough to not care enough about a fat tip but feel ecstatic just for tending to them.

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