The 2022 El Paso Riding For Boobs Motorcycle Parade and benefit was recently held in San Elizario. If you weren't there, check out these pics.

Riding For Boobs celebrated it's 10 year anniversary this year. While the event is actually 11 years old, COVID 19 forced them to take a "bye" year over what would have marked their official big 10.

The event raises money to assist women who are battling breast cancer as well as their families. While most are aware that battling this evil disease takes a toll on the patient, it also affects the entire family. In addition to the obvious hardships, the family often takes a financial hit.

The patient is usually forced to quit working and, often, the spouse has to quit work or reduce their hours in order to help care for the patient and other family members. Thus dealing a double blow to the family income.

Riding For Boobs uses funds raised to help these families with expenses like utilities, groceries, mortgages, etc. Necessary expenses that might otherwise go unmet. While the cause is very serious, a good time was had by all who came out to support it

Riding For Boobs 2023 Recap

A Few Photos From The 2023 Riding For Boobs Motorcycle Parade And Rally

October, 2023, Isela and company will ... officially ... turn Riding For Boobs up to 11 with what promises to be the biggest and most successful event of them all so far.

While the  official date has not yet been set, they typically aim for the 2nd weekend in October which would put next years event on 10/1423. For more info about Riding For Boobs or to find out how you can help or be a part of the 2023 event, email Isela directly at or visit them on Facebook.


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