The El Paso Rhinos hockey team celebrated their win over Texas Jr. Brahmas by jamming out to a boy band hit. One Direction better watch out for this hot new boy band!

It takes some guts for any guy to openly jam out to a boy band song. Many guys know the lyrics to the Backstreet Boy hit, " I Want It That Way" but will deny it till their death. The Rhinos aren't afraid to show off their singing and dance moves in this locker room performance.

You see a couple of there team members sitting there laughing or freaking out but that doesn't phase this group performance. I think they should have went with a NSYNC song because watching the dance moves to "Bye,Bye, Bye" is priceless.

I say we all start a petition for the El Paso Rhinos to open for One Direction when they come to the Sun Bowl. Watch this magical performance and try not to fall in love with this team! GO RHINOS!