Y'all remember Duke Keith? Of course you do!

Out of all the former cast members on the Morning Show, Duke Keith is by far the one we get asked about the most; so many of you all miss Duke and I'm sure he knows it and feels the love.

Duke Keith/ KLAQ
Duke Keith/ KLAQ

Despite not being on the Morning Show anymore, Duke can still be heard on our stations! Duke is our Director of Creative Services and it's a pretty big deal. You've probably also heard him at Rhino's games, or maybe even Locomotive games. And it's not hard to tell it's him, his voice is very distinct!

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So if you miss Duke, and want to keep up with him, then I suggest you follow him on Twitter and Instagram! Duke is a social media star in his own right, and his posts will certainly make your day- especially his videos of the amazing El Paso sunsets, I mean, just look at this gem!

Duke gives you all the behind the scenes looks into a Locomotive game, a Rhinos game and even his favorite foods!

But seriously, you'll want to follow just to check out those sunset pictures!

If you're also interested in hearing more about Duke then check out the episode of "What the Buzz" podcast where I sit down with Duke and chat about what he's up to these days. In the episode, Duke also tells us about his days on the Morning Show. Check out the episode below, and check out Duke on his socials here and here.

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