What do you do to ease the pain of a hangover? Many theories exist on how to make yourself feel better from the torture of being hungover including caffeine, carbs & greasy food, working out, sleeping and to just keep drinking! In my own experience, sleeping seems to help me the most when I’m feeling that hangover misery. Chris Silva, one of the managing partners at The Hangover Shop talks to us about how they conceptualized The Hangover Shop to assist in healing your weekend fantasy living-death aftermath. Check out the conversation below:

What kind of research did you do to try to find a cure for a dreaded hangover?

"We read a lot. Talked to people, asking them what they did when they had a hangover? What they ate? What they drank? It's was a lot of different types of researching, networking with people and getting answers from the people themselves."

"I wanted to create a place where people could go to the day after a long night out. When waking up the next day, some people are hungry, some people want to drink more, or they want to do both. We created a place where you can have all of that in one. The concept behind The Hangover Shop is to be in a comfortable ambiance, where the lights are not too bright, music not too loud, but just right! We serve what is believed to be a cure for everyone in the El Paso area! TACOS AND BEER! We have a variety of tacos from Carne Asada to tripitas as well as 8 speciality tacos! What separates us from the rest is, all our food is made from scratch. The best part about it is our tortillas are made fresh daily, both corn and flour. We have more than 10 red beer and Michelada setups, served with our in house made secret Hangover sauce! Some of those which are served with fresh fruit. Multiple selections of beer. We carry daily hydration drinks such as Gatorade, Powerade, Pedialite, and much more! We believe we created something new and different, we believe we created #AmericasRecoveryCenter." - Chris Silva

The Hangover Shop is located at 1781 N Zaragosa Suite F. and will open for business after a soft opening on Wednesday, November 8th, and will be hosting their Grand Opening on November 17.

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