An El Paso policeman, who served our country in the Marines in both Iraq and Afghanistan, remains at University Medical Center after being beaten last week by teenagers keying his car.  Now, El Paso Police say a scam is making the rounds after this horrific incident.

Jonathan Molina was off duty on the evening of September 25th when he caught 17 year old Juan Antonio Gomez scratching his car with a key.

el paso times/aaron bracamontes

Molina followed Gomez, and two other teens, 17-year-old Juan Antonio Gonzales and 19-year-old Alan Medrano, to a home on Trowbridge where he confronted Gomez and identified himself as a police officer.

Molina was talking to Gomez when Gonzalez stepped between them, punched the officer in the face, and then grabbed his legs and threw him to the concrete.

He continued beating Molina until witnesses approached the scene and the teens took off.

The three were arrested, but the beating left Molina with a fractured skull, hemorrhaging inside his skull, and multiple facial fractures.

Molina is a 2001 graduate of El Paso High School.

His brother said he joined the Marines after he felt a calling following the September 11th attacks.

Molina served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and then graduated near the top of his class at the police academy when he joined the police force four years ago.

Molina is not married and does not have children.

Now The El Paso Police Department is warning of people of a scam involving Officer Molina.

The El Paso Municipal Police Officer's Association says people are calling citizens and saying they are soliciting funds on behalf of Molina, and asking for personal information such as credit card numbers to take donations.

Neither The El Paso Police Department nor the El Paso Municipal Police Officer's Association are making any such calls to the community.

The Police Officers Association will take donations for the family but they are not making phone calls for donations.

Those wishing to donate can do so by contacting the E.P.M.P.O.A. President at (915)256-7822 or can drop it off at their office at 747 E. San Antonio, Suite 103 El Paso Texas 79901.