Recently, El Paso's news stations have been covering stories on women missing or bodies being found in the desert. These stories are scary to see day after day, so of course, our community wants answers.

The keyword here is answers and I should add truthful answers. The El Paso Police Department (EPPD) have taken to Twitter to clear up any social media rumors about a possible serial killer on the loose.

It takes time to figure out murders or to investigate disappearances, so we all shouldn't be jumping to conclusions. The EPPD posted this tweet but did not clarify the reason behind the tweet. I have seen people sharing articles on the bodies found but have yet to see any type of media reporting on a serial killer. Remain calm El Pasoans, because jumping to conclusions isn't going to help. Please try to not spread fake claims of what is going on in El Paso. Contact the EPPD for any questions or concerns on what is going on in your community. Staying aware of situations works, not creating your own narrative.

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