Accused of crushing up hydrocodone pills to kill her 5-month-old baby, Sapphire Elizabeth Araujo and her attorneys reached a plea deal: 5 years deferred probation.


That seems a little light for trying to murder an infant. Oh, she also got fined $500 and has to take a parenting class.

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According to our news partners at ABC-7 KVIA, Araujo was first arrested in November of 2018, charged with Abandoning or Endangering a Child.

In the criminal complaint, El Paso Police wrote that Araujo crushed up hydrocodone pills, mixed them with baby formula, and fed the mixture to the 5-month-old “with the intent of causing the victim to die.”

The baby was treated at a local hospital and survived the ordeal.

Testimony in the case had begun Monday and was set to resume today (Tuesday, May 10) before the plea agreement was reached.

After Monday’s testimony, Araujo’s attorney, Dereck Wyatt, struck a confident tone. According to KTSM, “I believe my client did not do this factually, and legally, and I think the first day’s testimony, which is the state’s case, is bearing that out,” Wyatt said.


Police first became involved in 2018 after Araujo’s pregnancy counselor with Hope Cottage Adoption Center reported the woman “was feeling overwhelmed” and planned to commit suicide and take the baby’s life.

Another chilling item from the criminal complaint: Araujo told counselors she had gotten a tattoo on her right arm of a heart hanging from a dead tree, which was meant to be the woman’s “suicide note.”

Again, this isn’t jail time. It isn’t even probation. It’s DEFERRED probation for trying to murder a baby.

Oh, yeah, the $500 fine and the mandatory parenting class.

I think that’s considered a “win” for the defense.

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