Charlie Minn is a film maker who has made a name off of traumatic events in and around the El Paso/Las Cruces/Juarez area. He is well known for his 2010 8 Murders A Day film about the drug wars between the Juarez cartel and the Sinaloa cartel, the film about the Las Cruces bowling alley massacre, and most recently for his ridiculously graphic film about the August 3 Walmart massacre. I'm not a fan of this guy and apparently neither are a lot of other people who have weighed in on an online argument between Minn and El Paso photographer Jorge Salgado.

Salgado took to Twitter to call out Minn after Minn sent him a really over-the-top, incredibly childish message. In the message Minn uses a super offensive word a lot. It seems to be his favorite diss word and he even uses it when he calls into question how Salgado's parents raised him. I laughed hard at the particularly middle-school taunt in the last message in this screenshot. I mean really, Charlie, do you know how foolish you look?

I don't really know Charlie. I know that he works very closely with KVIA and uses a lot of their footage in his films. He has asked to be on our show often but I don't agree with the way he sensationalizes his topics, and after hearing about his treatment of the Walmart massacre, I was done with him. He reportedly used very graphic footage without any consideration for the victims of that horrible day. I have to agree with Salgado - Charlie Minn is a trauma pornographer.

Charlie has also been invited to speak to UTEP and EPCC students and from what I can tell from their reactions on Twitter, they aren't impressed and in many cases, they are completely freaked out by the guy.

Charlie is now saying his account was hacked but I don't believe it. In my very brief dealings with him he has always been very aggressive and pushy. It's pretty shocking to see people's reports of the interactions they've had with him. Like I said before I'm not a fan of his type of film. I also think that he needs to be better vetted by local media before they put any stock in his brand. If you want to catch even more Salgado/Minn tweets you can click here.

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