The first of two Friday the 13th's in 2020 will be this Friday.

While many fear what is considered an unlucky day and some go so far as to avoid leaving their house or even getting out of bed, others revel in its perceived spookiness.

If you're the latter and want to explore haunted El Paso with like-minded people on a night when many in the paranormal world believe the veil between the spiritual and physical worlds is lifted, two El Paso paranormal groups will be hosting special Friday the 13th ghost tours.

Lost El Paso Paranormal Friday the 13th Downtown Ghost Walk

Part ghost tour, part scavenger hunt- Come help us decipher the clues to lead us to each notorious historic location... let our costumed & entertaining storytellers guide you by lantern-light through the haunted streets of Downtown El Paso, on a paranormal outdoor walking tour of true history, mystery, murder & mayhem.

For tickets, time, and the meet up location visit the event post.

Ghosts915 - Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society Facebook
Ghosts915 - Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society Facebook

Friday the 13th Concordia Cemetery Ghost Tour w/ Ghosts915

One of El Paso's most paranormal hotspots. With a history that dates back to the 1880's, and over 60,000 souls resting within it's walls, it is literally a city of the dead with a host of ghosts-in-residence. Bring your cameras and become the Ghost Hunter as you learn about the history, and mystery of this historic landmark.

Tickets, meet up location, and more info can be found on the Paso del Norte Paranormal Society event post.

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